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Welcome to Lasering USA and the Award Winning MiXto laser!

Lasering USA introduced the SLIM Evolution MiXto SX CO2 laser at the 29th ASLMS conference in 2009. The MiXto SX was the first Micro Fractional CO2 laser, featuring a 300 micron spot and patented chopped CW scanner with "Z" scan algorithm. A 180 micron spot scanner handpiece was added in 2010. The next generation -  SLIM Evolution II MiXto Pro was introduced at the 31st ASLMS conference in 2011, featuring many automated functions and a more powerful microprocessor. The MiXto laser won the "Best Non-Surgical Rejuvenation Enhancement" award at The Aesthetic Show in Las Vegas in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2016 and 2019. There are hundreds of satisfied users and thousands of satisfied patients. The magic of MiXto is the patented method of energy delivery for single treatment results. The newest addition is the non-ablative Venezia Lift. The Venezia Lift is ideal for patients looking facial rejuvenation without downtime. In 2022, Lasering USA partnered with Aesthetics Biomedical to create a new combination facial treatment with Vivace. By combining RF Microneedling and Venezia, we are able to achieve unequaled facial transformation without social downtime in one treatment.  

Brands: SLIM Evolution MiXto SX Fractional CO2 laser SLIM Evolution II MiXto Pro Fractional CO2 laser Velure S5 532nm laser - vascular / pigmented lesions Velure S9 980nm laser - surgical / endovascular